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Serendipity (noun):  Finding something good without looking for it.
We did not expect to find Mickey Mouse sitting on a shelf at the Archives last week…but lo, we did.
The black-and-white picture below was painted by a Rivier student, and was showcased at R-Aid Day in 1989.   According to Archivist Sister Lorraine Arsenault and Librarian Elaine Bean, R-Aid Days were an annual event at Rivier years ago.  R-Aid days were held to generate campus spirit, as well as revenue for campus-wide activities.
Raid Day Mickey Mouse
Painting of Mickey Mouse, for R-Aid Day 1989. Artist: Michele Debatis, B’90.
Special events

Anyone for tea?

“A mother’s love is like a cup of tea; always there to comfort.” — unknown

Yes, Mother’s Day was a few weeks ago.  But this little gem appeared today and it is too sweet not to share.  It’s a program for a Mother -and Daughter tea hosted in 1938 by the Public Speaking class.

From the detail of the delicate teacup-shaped invitation, to the content of the presentation itself, it’s clear that a lot of time and care went into planning this event.   There was poetry, prose, and music–and, not surprisingly, a lovely mixture of both French and English presentations.  If only we had a menu outlining what they served with the tea….