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Star Struck

“Celebrities are just like anyone else….they put their pants on one leg at a time…” …this is certainly true, but even the most self-possessed among us must admit some level of admiration for their talents and experiences.  Have you ever met a celebrity?  What was that experience like?

Back in the 1990s, Rivier hosted or sponsored a number of famous folks for our community.  Here are just a few of those special events.  Enjoy!

Billy Joel provided “An Evening of Questions and Answers….and a Little Music” on May 2, 1996.
George Carlin brought his unique comedy act to Nashua on November 21, 1996.
Ted Williams attended the Tamposi Dinner in 1997.
Rivier sponsored this LL Cool J concert in 1998.
Maya Angelou visited Rivier in 1999 and spoke about her life experiences.
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Serendipity (noun):  Finding something good without looking for it.
We did not expect to find Mickey Mouse sitting on a shelf at the Archives last week…but lo, we did.
The black-and-white picture below was painted by a Rivier student, and was showcased at R-Aid Day in 1989.   According to Archivist Sister Lorraine Arsenault and Librarian Elaine Bean, R-Aid Days were an annual event at Rivier years ago.  R-Aid days were held to generate campus spirit, as well as revenue for campus-wide activities.
Raid Day Mickey Mouse
Painting of Mickey Mouse, for R-Aid Day 1989. Artist: Michele Debatis, B’90.
Special events

Anyone for tea?

“A mother’s love is like a cup of tea; always there to comfort.” — unknown

Yes, Mother’s Day was a few weeks ago.  But this little gem appeared today and it is too sweet not to share.  It’s a program for a Mother -and Daughter tea hosted in 1938 by the Public Speaking class.

From the detail of the delicate teacup-shaped invitation, to the content of the presentation itself, it’s clear that a lot of time and care went into planning this event.   There was poetry, prose, and music–and, not surprisingly, a lovely mixture of both French and English presentations.  If only we had a menu outlining what they served with the tea….