A Familiar Ring

“All that is gold does not glitter / Not all those who wander are lost / The old that is strong does not wither / Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

The class ring seems to be one of those things that seniors get excited about, wear for a while, and then put away.  Nonetheless, it’s a unique sort of keepsake. It tells a story about the wearer:  their alma mater,  perhaps their profession, sometimes a favorite quotation….and it signifies the achievement of a college education.

Do you have a class ring?  Find it and take a good look at it.  Maybe it will bring back some fond memories for you, or remind you of a graduation goal you still have to achieve.  If you’re so inclined, go ahead and wear it today…. perhaps you’ll make a new connection with someone who notices and remarks about it.

Below are two examples of Rivier class rings from decades ago:

Rivier College class ring, 1957. Donated to the Archives by Marcelle Chenard, ’57
Rivier College class ring, 1965. Donated to the Archives by Sr. Joan Joyal, ’65

Orientation week

“Life is either a great adventure, or nothing.” –Helen Keller

We’re welcoming our new students for Orientation this week.  Here’s where our incoming students will get to know one another,  meet the faculty,  get familiar with our campus, and get a taste of dorm life before it all begins in earnest this fall.

Judging from the expressions on their faces, these young adults are feeling a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and perhaps fatigue (they’re learning the challenges of getting a good night’s sleep in a dormitory, after all).  Ideally,  they will gain confidence through this experience, and go home for the summer knowing that this is the right place for them for the next four years.

In the spirit of Orientation week, here are some “New Student” relics from our past:

Rivier Student Handbook and Resident Information Guide, 1969
Buttons for incoming Freshman Orientation, c. 1990
Special events

Anyone for tea?

“A mother’s love is like a cup of tea; always there to comfort.” — unknown

Yes, Mother’s Day was a few weeks ago.  But this little gem appeared today and it is too sweet not to share.  It’s a program for a Mother -and Daughter tea hosted in 1938 by the Public Speaking class.

From the detail of the delicate teacup-shaped invitation, to the content of the presentation itself, it’s clear that a lot of time and care went into planning this event.   There was poetry, prose, and music–and, not surprisingly, a lovely mixture of both French and English presentations.  If only we had a menu outlining what they served with the tea….